The rapid changes in the global economy have caused the steel market to become unstable and risky. As a result, steel traders are forced to develop new and innovative ways to support their customers along the entire chain: from sourcing, through production and logistics, to documentation and provision of timely information. This is the only way to minimize risks while keeping customers happy.

ViMetal has exclusivity and binding agreements with some of the largest and most renowned steel producers and service centers in China. They offer their stocks ready for shipment on a daily basis regardless of quantity and/or specifications. Approximately 80% of ViMetal’s supply is based on prime stock material, freshly produced, and ready for immediate shipment.

Each and every shipment is inspected by ViMetal’s staff before delivery to ensure it complies with the highest quality standards. They monitor orders from the price request stage, through order entry to delivery of the material to the customer’s warehouse. At the same time, they respond to virtually any need and request, solving problems as they arise and providing technical assistance when required.