Our Operation

Let's assume your company needs 300 M tons of HGI with very specific demands in terms of ZC, grade, surface, and more. And you need it now! Under normal circumstances, you would contact your regular supplier and book an order for future production. As mills worldwide are very busy trying to supply the increasing demand for steel, you have to wait two months for production and several more weeks for the shipment to arrive to your premises.

During that time, the price can:

·       Go up, in which case you earn, smile, and hope for the best

·       Remain stable, making you pray for it to go up

·       Go down, causing you to take a hit

ViMetal proposes a completely new and innovative approach. We can procure virtually any quantity of flat steel products for immediate delivery. We cut down drastically your overall waiting time so that you can catch the position, receive the goods, sell them, and move on to the next order. You would be surprised how easy and cost effective this process can be!

Whether you receive from us our daily stock lists or send us your specific requirements, we commit to providing you within only three days the best prices for prime material, for immediate supply, and to the destination port of your choice anywhere in the world. In most cases, the entire process will take only seven days from the moment we receive your request.

ViMetal’s hands-on involvement throughout the entire chain (from raw material procurement through logistics to distribution), our contacts with the largest manufactures in China, our focus on customer service, and our convergent approach to steel trading make us the most suitable company on the market today for satisfying virtually any steel need.