At ViMetal we understand the steel market, its strengths, weaknesses, and emerging trends. In a rapidly evolving environment where steel-exporting giants like China, Russia, India, Brazil and Africa are strongly competing for more share, critical changes are transforming the business’ trade.

Although steel is a traditional commodity, we believe it should be treated as a high-tech business. Our core values are providing highest loyalty and quality service, top-notch logistic support and the best possible materials – in short, we are an end-to-end service provider. We have the technology to support our innovative way of doing business (among others, a web-based ERP application that processes data in real time, making it available anywhere, anytime and with full mobile support).

We constantly work to intelligently take advantage of today’s advanced services like sourcing, logistics, distribution, and more. Our team of experts has the right blend of talents, knowledge and experience in all steel-related business aspects. Moreover, we are sensitive to each and every need of our customers and attentive to the smallest details.

We understand steel and the steel markets. We speak the customers’ language. We can offer our customers optimum solutions virtually free of problems, delays, and unnecessary expenses.