Welcom to ViMetal

Established in China by steel professionals Mr. Colin Wang and Mr. Vitorio Roei Arbib, ViMetal is a multinational steel-trading company with years of experience in the global market. One of the company's main goals is to take optimum advantage of large ready-for-shipment stocks to minimize exposure to volatile steel price fluctuations and freight costs, and to supply the goods in the shortest possible delivery schedules.

Our vast experience in steel-trading combined with our high sensitivity to our customers’ needs enabled us to develop a unique business concept that converges value‑maximizing trading, timely distribution operations, and impeccable logistics – all working in complete synchronization to obtain and execute the best possible deal. In today’s highly advanced technological world, unlimited data is at your fingertip. Anyone can offer steel, but not anyone can assure a successful deal.

The rapid growth in worldwide demand for steel products with very short time supply and the aggressive penetration of China into the multinational market forced ViMetal to gear itself to provide excellent quality and service, rapid responses, and efficient logistics to all its customers, regardless of required quantity.

ViMetal’s unique method of operation emerged from the need to help its customers prevent major losses. The company provides 80% of its clients with steel from prime stock material, freshly produced, and ready for immediate shipment from locations near major ports in China.

ViMetal’s offices in Shanghai employ a young and dynamic, yet very experienced team of people with mastery of the English Language, each of whom are very familiar with Western management principles and with all aspects of the steel market.

Among the company’s major customers are steel importers, suppliers to the automotive and construction industries, private and institutional producers, as well as other industry partners.